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Argan Oil for Skin

Best Argan Oil for Skin, Argan Oil Benefits, Where to Buy Argan Oil

Having healthy, youthful-looking skin speaks wonders about our well-being. It also makes us feel more confident and look more attractive.

However, maintaining healthy skin can be difficult. Without proper care, constant exposure of our skin to the elements can take its toll, making our skin dry and unhealthy.

Argan oil is the perfect for anyone looking for an easy and effective solution to the most common skin problems, and helps to hydrate and moisturize the skin while also protecting it from harmful UV radiation.

Argan oil can also help soothe skin irritations and ease most recovery processes.  

  • Body and Bath Oil

For a rejuvenating and restoring bath, add some argan oil onto your skin during a bath as a body lotion.

Using argan oil during a bath can help reduce pregnancy stretch marks. 

You can also add argan oil directly into a bath. Also, argan oil baths are safe for babies.

Best Argan Oil for Skin, Argan Oil Benefits, Where to Buy Argan Oil

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  • Moisturizer for Cracked Heels

After bathing and exfoliation, apply argan oil onto the skin of cracked heels and rub it in thoroughly.

Reapply more argan oil onto the affected area just before going to sleep. Massage the oil in and put on a pair of socks that are soft, clean, warm and non-allergenic. This will keep the moisture in while it works overnight. Repeat as needed.

You can use argan oil during the day. Apply argan oil up to 2 to 3 times a day if needed. Gently apply and massage argan oil where it is needed, including cracked heels, in between toes and nails.

  • Sunburn Treatment

Apply argan oil to sunburnt areas and gently massage it in. Leave overnight. Argan oil is very effective at relieving and healing sore, damaged skin.

If necessary, apply additional application of argan oil to sunburns to speed up the healing process.

**Always seek professional medical help if burns are severe burns. Do not try to self-medicate severe burns.

Best Argan Oil for Skin, Argan Oil Benefits, Where to Buy Argan Oil, Argan Oil Malaysia, Argan Oil Online

  • Oil Massage

Following a warm bath or shower, dry your body with a clean towel and apply argan oil into your hand rub into your palm using a circular motion.

Next, gently massage the oil into your skin. Take your time doing this - the longer you the massage the better the effects will be.

You can apply argan oil over your moisturizer to maximize its hydration effects. Contrary to popular belief, applying oils onto dry skin can help condition skin to produce less oil.  

  • Hands and Nails

Argan oil is excellent for dry hands and nails as excessively dry nails are susceptible to peeling and cracking.

Applying a few drops of argan oil and massaging them into your hands and nails after a bath or just before going to bed can help.

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