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Argan Oil for Hair

Best Argan Oil for Hair, Argan Oil Benefits, Where to Buy Argan Oil, Luscious Hair

We all want beautiful and healthy hair. However, the activities of our daily routine can be harsh on our hair, leading it to become dull, unattractive and, at worst, damaged, unhealthy and prone to breakage and thinning.

With its abundance of fatty acids, vitamin E and anti-oxidants, natural argan oil is perfect at restoring health and shine back to your hair - and best of all, the improvements are long-lasting and all-natural. 

  • Leave-on Conditioner

Add a few drops of Moroccan argan oil onto your hair while it’s wet right after a shower.

This moisturizes the tips of your hair and your scalp to protect it from harsh drying (e.g. blow drying, straight ironing/curling ironing).

Repeat this process 1 to 3 times a week as needed.

  • Hair Shine and Styling 

After drying your hair, rub a few drops of natural argan oil in the palms of your hand.

With the oil in your hands, rub them together before running it through your hair, using your fingers to spread the oil out evenly. The result is hair that shines and is more manageable.

A small amount goes a long way and its effects lasts for a long time.

Best Argan Oil for Hair, Argan Oil Benefits, Where to Buy Argan Oil

  • Overnight Hair Treatment

Leaving pure argan oil on your hair overnight is the best which will give you luscious, glowing hair the next morning.

First, massage a generous amount of pure argan oil into your hair. Make sure the oil reaches all the way to tips of your hair as well as your scalp. 

Next, wrap your hair up in a clean towel and leave it on while you sleep.

**Using argan oil on the scalps also helps improve dry skin though it might take several weeks or even months for results to show.

  • Deep Conditioning

To improve its conditioning effects, wear a shower cap over your hair after completely covering it in organic argan oil. This helps retain heat for deeper conditioning as it activates the oil and makes it absorb deeper into hair follicles.  

For best results, it’s best to sleep overnight with the cap on.

If you're in a hurry, the minimum time for deep conditioning to take place is about 30 minutes.

To remove the oil from your hair after use, wash it off with shampoo completely from roots to tips. Apply regular conditioner.


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