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Raindrops of Sapphire “I always use it on my hair!”

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My number 1 tip for using Moroccan argan oil is a simple one: I always use it on my hair when it’s damp, just before I start to blow it dry. I find natural argan oil makes it incredibly soft and silky when it’s dry.

It’s really easy to use as well: after washing and towel drying my hair, I comb it through with my tangle tweezers to get any knots out, then put some pure argan oil in my hands and run it through from the mid lengths down to the tips, making sure I cover as much as possible.

The trick is to not use too much of the product though as that can weigh down your hair and make it greasy instantly, so use just enough to know that it’s there.

If you’re worried about how much to use, always start with less just to be sure and then if you feel like it’s not enough after you’ve dried your hair, you can always run some more through the lengths after.

This will soften the hair and tame any flyaway hairs as well! It really is a miracle product and transforms my own unruly hair to no end! I love it!

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